Monday, February 1, 2010

I did it, I did it! :D

Yay, this time I managed to make that bracelet. And I'm sooooo happy now. lol I was working on it nearly the whole day yesterday and I finished it up today in the morning. Here's what it looks like:


I was following the pattern I found on this site. For my project I chose black seed beads and pale green (on the sides) and white (in the middle) round beads. I wasn't sure how the lady on that site (where I got the pattern from) finished the whole thing, so I came up with my own way. :) Also, I didn't use the same thread as she was using, but I used fishing line (0,3 mm). First I was planning to keep this bracelet for myself, but now I think it'll be a gift for my mum's birthday which is coming really soon (and besides, these colours are all "her"). I might make myself one in blue colours. I just bought those blue (bluish) beads and I can't wait to use them. But I think that first I'll try to work on some other projects...



  1. Oh Maja, now this is really beautiful. I LOVE the green beads. I'm partial to green as it's my favourite colour but WOW, it really is magnificent. It looks like you put so much work into it girl. I'm enjoying looking at your creations so much :) Thank you for sharing. xxx


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