Friday, February 19, 2010

Surprise!!! :D

Something amazing happened to me this evening... I got a call from my far away friend. We've been penfriends (friends) for ages (over 8 years) and even though we've never met in person, feels like we've known each other all our lives and that we know everything that is to know about each other. :D Her birthday was a couple of days ago and she was the girl I mad that mini album (scrapbook) for. Obviously she liked it a lot (I'm so glad she did!) and she wanted to thank me in a special way so she called me. :)) I still can't believe it! After all those years I can finally put a voice to a face. :D We've talked over 20 minutes and there are still so, so many things that we could talk about! We both like to talk - a lot. lol I really hope we can meet in person one day (the sooner the better :D) and I'm sure that when we do (I have no doubts that one day we WILL meet), we won't be able to stop talking. :)) I'm really happy right now. I'm a happy little bunny. lol :D
Today I've been in a crafty mood. I just made yet another cross key-chain (my grandma asked me to make one for her) and while I was making it, I got the idea... What if I used the same technique I use for that pendant for bracelet and ring too?! Seemed like a "plan" so I gave it a try. I used combination of red and black beads (I really like this combination of those 2 colours) and I was very happy how things turned out. Here is the picture (click on it for larger version)...


It's really hard (well, I should better say almost impossible) to see it in this picture, but these ring and bracelet kinda have a 3D look.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Updates, updates...

Oh my, it's been a while since I posted anything. But SOOOO many things has been going on lately. First and most important... I graduated!!! :D After all those stressful months, lots of hard work, lost of studying etc. I finally did it. What a relief!!! On the day when I had my diploma presentation I was so nervous ~ it was snowing heavily and I was worrying whether I'll get to the uni in time or not, roads were horrible because of the snow, lots of car accidents etc. It was anything but a good day to go anywhere, especially not to a city pretty far away. But at the end everything turned out well; my boyfriend drove me to the uni and we got there in time, without any problems (it did took us twice as time as usual or even more, but who cares), my presentation went well and I got my certificate!!! :D You can imagine I was over the moon when I got the results! I couldn't stop smiling. And I nearly emptied my cell phone battery - of course I had to phone all my relatives and my friends to tell them I graduated. Such a great thing is not to be kept in secret. lol

Other than that, my mum had her birthday and me and my boyfriend were invited for lunch. Oh yummy, there were lots and lots of delicious food. And desserts! There's one thing I have to tell you about my mum - she's very (and I mean VERY) good at baking and making all kinds of desserts (cookies, cakes, you name it), so you can imagine there were quite a lot of different (new) ones to try and some that I've already eaten and loved. :D Me, having a sweet tooth?! Where did you get this from?! ;)

Mardi Gras celebrations were happening on Saturday and Tuesday. I didn't dress up, but I liked watching how other people (esp. kids) were dressed up. Some masks were really original and others were, well, kinda boring and "seen-a-million-times-before" kind of masks. But even though I wasn't dressed up in anything, I still got some of our traditional dessert that is made on this day (for this carnival) - yummy, yummy, yummy. :D

What else... Oh, oh, oh, I know... :D Yesterday, oh yesterday was a great day. I got this huuuuuuuuge (really, really huge) box of scrapbooking supplies from my friend from the USA and I was like a kid opening his presents on a Christmas morning. Big eyes, expectations... That's what I was like and I bet I had sparkles in my eyes when I was getting all those wonderful things out of the box. This friend of mine is a total sweetheart and I'm really happy I got to meet her. I also got 2 other parcels yesterday and those were great as well. Yup, it definitely felt like Christmas to me yesterday. ;) And today I got a long letter from my penpal. I couldn't stop laughing when I was reading it. :D She sure is great at writing and knows how to make even the most random things amusing. :)

As for my crafting goes... I made some things... :) I made another cross key-chain (like the one I've already talked about, just in different colours), I made some earrings (I was in a "purple mood") and a pair of earrings and a ring to match the bracelet I made for my mum's birthday (so she got bracelet + earrings + ring). She LOVED the set I gave her. :D Yay, I am really happy she did. I didn't really doubt it, but still, you never know. Looks like I know here pretty well. ;)

Here are the pictures of the earrings and a ring that I made for my mum (that are made the same way as that bracelet)



And here are the pictures of those other (purple) earrings I made...

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Red and black

I've always liked combination of black and red. Black is a very elegant colour and in combination with red it gets some more "life" and can look even more glamorous. So I've decided to make my newest project using black and red beads. I made these dangle earrings and necklace using nylon wire, black seed beads, red glass beads and leaf shaped black glass beads.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

New earrings and cross pendant

Yesterday I made this cross pendant which I decided to turn into a key-chain. I wasn't really sure what colours to use, but I wanted it to be a bit more colorful than just plain white. So I went by creamy white seed beads and different shades of green beads.


I also found some left overs of nylon wire in the drawer (no idea how it even got there) and decided to use them to make myself a pair of earrings. I couldn't help myself, I "had to" go with the bluish beads which I combined with some white ones. :)

Monday, February 1, 2010

I did it, I did it! :D

Yay, this time I managed to make that bracelet. And I'm sooooo happy now. lol I was working on it nearly the whole day yesterday and I finished it up today in the morning. Here's what it looks like:


I was following the pattern I found on this site. For my project I chose black seed beads and pale green (on the sides) and white (in the middle) round beads. I wasn't sure how the lady on that site (where I got the pattern from) finished the whole thing, so I came up with my own way. :) Also, I didn't use the same thread as she was using, but I used fishing line (0,3 mm). First I was planning to keep this bracelet for myself, but now I think it'll be a gift for my mum's birthday which is coming really soon (and besides, these colours are all "her"). I might make myself one in blue colours. I just bought those blue (bluish) beads and I can't wait to use them. But I think that first I'll try to work on some other projects...