Thursday, February 18, 2010

Updates, updates...

Oh my, it's been a while since I posted anything. But SOOOO many things has been going on lately. First and most important... I graduated!!! :D After all those stressful months, lots of hard work, lost of studying etc. I finally did it. What a relief!!! On the day when I had my diploma presentation I was so nervous ~ it was snowing heavily and I was worrying whether I'll get to the uni in time or not, roads were horrible because of the snow, lots of car accidents etc. It was anything but a good day to go anywhere, especially not to a city pretty far away. But at the end everything turned out well; my boyfriend drove me to the uni and we got there in time, without any problems (it did took us twice as time as usual or even more, but who cares), my presentation went well and I got my certificate!!! :D You can imagine I was over the moon when I got the results! I couldn't stop smiling. And I nearly emptied my cell phone battery - of course I had to phone all my relatives and my friends to tell them I graduated. Such a great thing is not to be kept in secret. lol

Other than that, my mum had her birthday and me and my boyfriend were invited for lunch. Oh yummy, there were lots and lots of delicious food. And desserts! There's one thing I have to tell you about my mum - she's very (and I mean VERY) good at baking and making all kinds of desserts (cookies, cakes, you name it), so you can imagine there were quite a lot of different (new) ones to try and some that I've already eaten and loved. :D Me, having a sweet tooth?! Where did you get this from?! ;)

Mardi Gras celebrations were happening on Saturday and Tuesday. I didn't dress up, but I liked watching how other people (esp. kids) were dressed up. Some masks were really original and others were, well, kinda boring and "seen-a-million-times-before" kind of masks. But even though I wasn't dressed up in anything, I still got some of our traditional dessert that is made on this day (for this carnival) - yummy, yummy, yummy. :D

What else... Oh, oh, oh, I know... :D Yesterday, oh yesterday was a great day. I got this huuuuuuuuge (really, really huge) box of scrapbooking supplies from my friend from the USA and I was like a kid opening his presents on a Christmas morning. Big eyes, expectations... That's what I was like and I bet I had sparkles in my eyes when I was getting all those wonderful things out of the box. This friend of mine is a total sweetheart and I'm really happy I got to meet her. I also got 2 other parcels yesterday and those were great as well. Yup, it definitely felt like Christmas to me yesterday. ;) And today I got a long letter from my penpal. I couldn't stop laughing when I was reading it. :D She sure is great at writing and knows how to make even the most random things amusing. :)

As for my crafting goes... I made some things... :) I made another cross key-chain (like the one I've already talked about, just in different colours), I made some earrings (I was in a "purple mood") and a pair of earrings and a ring to match the bracelet I made for my mum's birthday (so she got bracelet + earrings + ring). She LOVED the set I gave her. :D Yay, I am really happy she did. I didn't really doubt it, but still, you never know. Looks like I know here pretty well. ;)

Here are the pictures of the earrings and a ring that I made for my mum (that are made the same way as that bracelet)



And here are the pictures of those other (purple) earrings I made...


  1. Oh, I love those purple earrings, so beautiful!

  2. What a great post :) Firstly, congratulations (once again) for graduating :) So happy for you girl.

    Your mums baking sounds delicious. My mum can cook well but I don't think I can ever remember her baking a cake. She doesn't do sweet stuff LOL So I am very envious of you! I love the jewellery set you made her for her birthday.

    Mardi Gras sounds like fun, I'd love to see people all dressed up with masks etc. Funny you mentioned masks as Jade bought me two for my birthday and I need to decorate them. Your post reminded me about them :)

    Scrapbooking supplies! What can I say but you lucky thing! Isn't it the best feeling when a package arrives? I hope you have lots of nice things to play with and look forward to see what you come up with.

    The purple earrings are stunning and I love what you made for your mum. Isn't it great when our mums like our stuff? :) Love Lynn xxx


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