Saturday, August 14, 2010

Christmas in the middle of August

Nah, not really. ;) However, it would feel like it if you saw my working table - it's covered with Christmas themed papers, stickers ... You should know one thing - Christmas is my favourite holiday. All that yummy food, decorations, snow (hopefully) ... Love it! I have been making my own Christmas cards for a while now, but I always started making them pretty late and then I was always in a hurry. But not this year. Oh, no. This year I've decided to start early. So far I've only made 5, but since I'm not in a hurry at all I'm taking my time for each card, lots of time if I may add. ;)
Anyways, here are the cards I've made so far:
For this card I used a dark green card stock, on which I first glued Christmas themed "orangish" paper. That I covered with light green paper. On the left side I put yellow ribbon bow and on the right side I glued a piece of creamy white paper on which I stamped a Christmas tree and coloured it.

For this card I used red card stock. On a plain white sheet or paper I stamped a lot of images of holly and then cut out the right size to fit on my card. Then I cut another sheet of white paper which was just a bit smaller than the one I stamped. I inked the edges on that one. From the red card stock I cut a circle, inked it and placed it to the center of my card. Then I cut a smaller circle from the white card stock, inked that one as well, and stamped the image of Santa in the middle. With pop-up foam I glued it to the red circle.With a puncher I made small snowflakes, which I glued to the card. In the center of each snowflake I placed a small round crystal. I added ribbon and voila. :)

This card is really simple to make. I used dark blue card stock, on which I glued patterned light blue paper. On the left side I glued a smaller piece of dark blue paper and decorated it with a light blue see-through ribbon bow. With pop-up foam I glued the penguin and merry Christmas sign to the card.
This one is my favourite. I just love light blue colour and in combination with brown looks just awesome. In my opinion anyways. ;) What I did was, that I glued a piece of patterned brown paper to the light blue card stock. On the left side and on the bottom I glued white ribbon on which I glued blue bow. On a smaller piece of light blue paper I placed a piece of "handmade" creamy white paper (looks handmade, but I bought it) on which I placed a wooden painted star. To each corner of light blue card stock I added a big golden brad. I inked the edges too. :)
On dark red card stock I glued a piece of golden paper. In the middle of the golden paper I glued a small piece of red paper which I decorated with golden thread. I made a bow using dark red ribbon and gold thread. On the left side I glued shiny white plastic stars.