Friday, February 19, 2010

Today I've been in a crafty mood. I just made yet another cross key-chain (my grandma asked me to make one for her) and while I was making it, I got the idea... What if I used the same technique I use for that pendant for bracelet and ring too?! Seemed like a "plan" so I gave it a try. I used combination of red and black beads (I really like this combination of those 2 colours) and I was very happy how things turned out. Here is the picture (click on it for larger version)...


It's really hard (well, I should better say almost impossible) to see it in this picture, but these ring and bracelet kinda have a 3D look.

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  1. Lovely ring and bracelet. I can totally see the 3D'ness (is that even a word??? ha ha) of it.
    xxx Lynn


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