Saturday, February 6, 2010

Red and black

I've always liked combination of black and red. Black is a very elegant colour and in combination with red it gets some more "life" and can look even more glamorous. So I've decided to make my newest project using black and red beads. I made these dangle earrings and necklace using nylon wire, black seed beads, red glass beads and leaf shaped black glass beads.

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  1. Yet another beautiful piece of work Maja. Black and red do look very glamorous together. You're on a roll girl. I'm really enjoying all your creations :)
    Maja, I'm so sorry but I didn't get to the album thingy today. Haven't felt too bad but have been very tired and slept a lot during the day. I will do it very soon hun. I'm really sorry and hope I'm not holding you up. Hope you're having a nice weekend :)
    Love you xxx Lynn


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