Saturday, January 30, 2010

Finally weekend!

OMG, the last couple of days has been absolutely crazy! Very, very busy and stressful. I was just running here and there, worrying about things, barely got any sleep at night... I am just so happy that the weekend is finally here! I need a rest! All the fuss was about my diploma work. I finally headed it over - now I'm really just a tiny little step away from graduating from uni. What a relief will be once this will all be behind me. I was told I will probably have my presentation on February 10 or 12, which will be here in no time. I'm already nervous, even though I know that's more or less just formality because once you head over your diploma and they accept it, it's as if you have already graduated. But still...

Other than that, I kinda finished that bracelet I was working on. It took me a long time and it's really not the easiest one to make. However, just when I was about to finish it, I ran out of thread. :S And there was no way I could add some so I had to destroy it. :( I was in shock - I mean, one would think nearly 3 m of thread would be enough for one bracelet. Oh well, I learned my lesson. However, I'm not giving up, oh no; I'm a stubborn little girl! I'll start it all over again in the next couple of days.

Oh, and I finally managed to read "Remember me?" by S. Kinsella. It was good, I had lots of laugh reading it. I like her style of writing and her sense of humor. *thumbs up* I'm now reading "Cocktails for three", also y Sophie, although this one was written under her real name (Madeleine Wickham). It's not as funny as books she wrote under the name S. Kinsella, but it's still good (though I have to admit I like the other ones a bit better). 

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