Thursday, February 4, 2010

New earrings and cross pendant

Yesterday I made this cross pendant which I decided to turn into a key-chain. I wasn't really sure what colours to use, but I wanted it to be a bit more colorful than just plain white. So I went by creamy white seed beads and different shades of green beads.


I also found some left overs of nylon wire in the drawer (no idea how it even got there) and decided to use them to make myself a pair of earrings. I couldn't help myself, I "had to" go with the bluish beads which I combined with some white ones. :)

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  1. Ha, don't you love it when you find stuff you never knew you had :) The keychain is lovely Maja and the blue and white earrings are so pretty. Great work as usual my friend.
    Oh, you know I said I'd work out that album for you tonight? Well I hope you don't mind if I leave it till tomorrow? I don't have the energy to do much but lie here and surf the internet. Love you babe. xxx Lynn


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