Friday, January 22, 2010

A bit of this and that

Gosh, today was a long day. But I probably feel this way because I had to get up 2 hours earlier than usually. Oh well, at least I managed to do some stuff. I visited my grandparents, went on a walk around the town, I went to the library and I even managed to get myself to the hairdresser. So much about my plans of having long hair. Yeah, right. I do like long hair, I really do, but for some reason I can't stand having them myself. I prefer shorter hair. My head seems just so much lighter now. I also made some plans for the weekend. Knowing myself, they might change at least a little bit the last minute, but still... So, what am I planning to do: create some jewelry, read Sophie Kinsella's "Remember me?" and meet my parents for lunch on Sunday. It does sound like pretty calm weekend, doesn't it? I hope it actually will be. :)

Today I also played with the blog layout/skin/template (whatever you want to call it) a bit. I found this great site online that allows you to create your own blog layout without knowing any html etc. You just chose your own background (you can upload the picture from your computer or from the web) , picture, text colour etc. and when you click "finish", you just get the code. Isn't that great? I do like this skin better than the previous one, but now that I learned how to create my own skins, I think I'll be changing the look of the blog more often. lol

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