Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A little about me

Hello! I'm a girl in her mid twenties and I come from a small European country. A friend of mine has this really cool blog and it got me thinking ... hey, I could have a blog myself too. :) So here I am, trying to figure this whole thing out. I'll probably take me a while, but I'll get around I guess. Even just choosing the right layout took me quite a while. *sigh* What can I say, I'm picky. lol Anyways, this blog is meant for my blabbing, my thoughts and to show you my creations. See, I really like to make stuff. Not so long ago I got into scrapbooking (and yesterday I just finished my very first mini album, yay!), but I also like making jewelry. And cards. I like to try new things and keeping myself busy. :) So yeah, that's me. Off to try a new beading project now...

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  1. Hey girl, so lovely to see you have a blog now :) I LOVE the look of it. The purple one was really nice but I must admit this one is awesome. It's so bright and cheery. Can't wait to see the things you post. :) Love ya. xxx Lynn


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