Friday, March 4, 2011

Inspirational blog

Have you ever found yourself in a position when no matter how hard you tried, you just couldn't finish your project? There was just something missing, but you couldn't find out what? You know, those final touches. I think we all find ourselves in a position like this every now and then. We just need a little bit of inspiration. There are so many wonderful bloggers who can be inspiration to all of us with their lovely creations, don't you think so?

I always find inspiration at Lynn's blog. She's my very dear friend and an amazing crafter. She's also the one who got me in the world of blogging. And I really should thank her, because I love it here. :D And for being such a wonderful friend. Lynn, even though you live miles away I know you are just a few clicks away when I need someone to talk to. Thank you hun! xx

I absolutely LOVE her blog. Her layouts are fab, journal pages are unique and so colorful that they cheer you up when you just look at them, cards and bookmarks are amazing and don't even get me started on her mini albums. Everything, and I really mean EVERYTHING she makes is amazing. She's one very, very talented lady and I'm truly blessed to call her a friend. If you haven't visited her blog yet, please do it. I'm sure you'll find lots of inspiration for your work too. And you might get some gift ideas as well - I know I love those inspirational cards (there's a whole box of them, wow, right?) she made for her daughter. I want to do those too. I think they make a perfect gift for someone. Plus, she also has some fantastic turorials on her blogs and she is full of great ideas - e.g. did you know that you can make a distress ink yourself? No? Then hop here if you want to learn how. Besides all of the other things, she also has some free paper piecing patterns on her blog. They are so fun - I was using this little angel over and over again last year when I was making Christmas cards. I know it says it's Valentine angel, but I thought it could be Christmassy too. ;) At some cards I let the angel have the heart and at some it didn't have it. She also has a bunny with egg paper piecing, which is perfect for Easter cards. This and SO much more can be found at Lynn's blog, so it really is worth visiting.

Here are just some of her creations (all pictures are copyright by Lynn, I'm just "borrowing" them). ;)

A butterfly tag. How pretty is this?!? <3 You'd be surprised to know how that butterfly is actually made. I think you should really check it out. ;)

More tags - aren't they gorgeous?

Just 2 pages from one of her mini albums ...

Isn't this just SO unique and fun?? And the best part is Lynn has written a step by step tutorial on how to make a page like this.

So what are you waiting for, go visit Lynn's blog here. :)


  1. Maja!!! OMG, thank you! Your words have touched me so much my dear friend. I never thought I'd receive a review like this, it's wonderful and you have made me so happy :) I have such a goofy smile on my face right now ha ha. Great idea about the little angel. Guess what? I have a Christmas Angel pattern ... I should have put it up. I'll get it up really soon. Seriously girl, just knowing my blog is of some use totally makes my day. Thank you for such an honour. Love you. xxx Lynn

  2. well she has made a lot of beautiful creations!


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