Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Let's say hello to 2013


Did you have a nice New Year's eve? I celebrated it with my boyfriend and my friends. We were playing a board game called Monopoly - one game took us 4 hours to finish. What can I say, we had time. lol We had a nice, calm and fun evening. :)

For me 2012 was a good year ...
~ I got a REAL job. ~
~ I passed my final and hardest exam I've ever had to pass. ~ 
~ I got to travel to Montenegro, Greece (I loved Santorini!) and some other beautiful places - cruising is awesome. :D ~
~ I finally got to meet my friend from Holland after all those years. ~
~ I was lucky enough to get to know some of you talented ladies here a bit better and I am very happy we became friends. ~

Ah, so many wonderful memories ... But now it's time to turn over a new leaf and get ready for new year and all the things this one has ready for me.

I'm not very good at making resolutions and I'm even worse at keeping them (I know - shame on me! *blush*), but I hope I can change this in 2013.

My crafty resolutions ...
~ I reeeeeeeeally need to be more organized and not do everything the very last minute. ~
~ I want to make at least one Christmas card each month (preferably even more). ~
~ I want to get better at coloring - I need to practice (and invest in some more markers and/or pencils). ~
~ I want to make a baby mini album for my friend that is expecting a baby boy. ~
~ I want to try and make some of the things I've never made before (but are on my long "things to do" list). ~
~ Be a better blogger friend and leave comments more often. ~

I also made some not craft related resolutions, but won't bore you with those. ;)

Sooooooo, I wish you a magical and adventurous 2013. May this be the best year ever! Hugs! xx


  1. A very happy New Year to you Cebelica!

  2. Želim ti vse dobro v letu 2013: zdravje, veselje, srečo, veliko ustvarjanja ... :-))
    Bodi lepo na prvi dan novega leta!

  3. Happy New Year Cebelica, may all your dream s come true in 2013.

    Hugs Chris xxx

  4. Hello maja, you have had a good year then, hope this one will be even better or you.
    Your crafty resolutions sound great.
    Hugs kelly x

  5. Happy new year Cebelica to you and yours x

  6. Happy New Year to you too! I would like to thank you for all your lovely comments on my blog and thanks for being my crafty friend :-) Your new year crafty resolutions sound great and they remind me that I need to make some as well. I wish you all the best and have another successful year!

  7. Tudi tebi in vsam tvojim želim srečno, uspešno in zdravo novo leto. lp

  8. Happy New Year my sweet friend!! One year you will have to take a trip to Texas so we can meet in person! :) I have some of the same craft resolutions too! Love ya girl!!

  9. Happy New Year!! Wishing you a very Happy and Safe 2013 - good luck with the resolutions.. I suck at them :)

  10. it seems you lead a fantastic life and are happy with it! Congrats! Wishing you a very happy new year with lots of new and exciting experiences!
    hugs, Alessandra

  11. Happy new year sweetie, 1 of my new year resolutions is to be more organised. Hubster got me a diary & so far I'm doing well, fingers crossed it carries on lol.

    Lotsa hugs Vicky xxx


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