Monday, January 2, 2012

First post in 2012

Hello everybody! First of all, let me wish you a very happy New Year! May the best of 2011 be the worst of 2012. I would also like to thank you all my followers for your nice comments, they mean a lot to me. Thank you very, very much! *big hugs to you*

I decided that in my first post of this year I will show you a necklaces that I made some time ago, using wire and semi precious stones. These necklaces are super easy and super fun to make. And I just love how they look when you are wearing them too.

Necklace in green tones.

The close-up of the center of the necklace.

Necklace in brown tones.

And the close-up.

I hope you like these necklaces. :)

So much from me today. I'll be back soon with more cards and ... This part I'm not telling you. *naughty grin* You'll have to wait for the right time. But don't worry, the "secret" will be revealed in a couple of days. ;)



  1. wow, the brown one really flipped me! :D these look pretty difficult to make though!!

  2. Wow they really are lovely l like them both:)Sandra H

  3. Wow Cebelica, these are stunning!! They definitely don't look super easy to me, just super gorgeous. Wow, love them all, you are so talented. .. and can't wait to hear that little secret of yours :) xx

  4. both are simply beautiful...


  5. such a pretty necklaces :) love it...

  6. these are stunning cebelica.i love the gorgeous colours of the beads :D

    xx coops xx


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