Friday, January 21, 2011


I've done some beading again. I really seem to be into paper crafts lately, but this doesn't mean I don't wish to do any beading from time to time too. Also, who doesn't want a new piece of jewelry every now and then?! I know I do. ;) For some reason I'm really into brown colour at the moment, so no wonder I made a brown toned bracelet as well. I've made this kind of 3D bracelet before, but that one was in black and red and I wanted to have one in brown too. :)

Here you can see the picture of the whole bracelet.

And here is the closer picture of one part.


  1. omg.. this is STUNNING
    i started to bead before christmas but i could not figure out how that "twist" works.
    i looove your bracelet
    fabulous colors

  2. This is beautiful,I love the brown as well..Thank you for your lovely comment...
    Mandy x


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