Saturday, November 27, 2010

Cards, cards, cards

It's almost December and with it Christmas and New Year. My favourite time of the year. :D I absolutely love Christmas lights, decorations, food (oh yum, yum), carols etc. I even like Christmas shopping. ;) So, I've made quite a few Christmas cards this year (and I'm definitely not done yet, I am planning to make many more). I've already posted pictures of some of them, but today I'm about to post a couple more ...

For this card I used dark green cardstock, light yellow paper, patterned green paper and a piece of patterned gold cardstock out of which I made a tree. The tree is glued to the green patterned paper with double sided 3D foam pads so that gives the card some sort of 3D look. Around the green patterned paper I added gold border stickers and around the bottom of the yellow paper I wrapped a green ribbon with gold stars.
For this card I used bright green cardstock, orange paper and patterned paper. I cut a square out of the orange paper that was slightly smaller than my card. On the edges I used gold border stickers. Out of an envelope I made a pocket, which I decorated with the patterned paper, orange paper and button. Once the pocket was finished, I glued it to the card. Inside I inserted the "recipe for the New Year", which I previously printed on a white sheet.
This card was made out of dark red cardstock and plain very light yellow piece of paper which was just a little bit smaller than my card. I cut a "window" in the yellow paper. On the top of the "window" I added eyelets. Through eyelets I put a gold decorative "rope" (the kind you can use for crafts) and which I previously attached gold and red stars. On the bottom of the yellow paper I glued a reindeer ribbon in matching colours.
As you can see, the next card is made out of different kinds (and colours) of paper. The card itself is made out of a bright green cardstock, but for this product I also used patterned red paper, dark green cardstock and patterned gold cardstock. In the center of the card I glued a picture of a teddy holding a present, which I cut from the wrapping paper. As you can see, I also used gold border stickers and gold holly shaped confetti.
For the next card I used light blue cardstock and different shades of blue paper (some patterned and some not). I also used shiny silver paper, on which I glued the tree I previously cut out of the white wavy cardboard. I decorated the tree with blue circle confetti. The left side of the card I decorated with different blue cardstock and silver snowflake stickers.
The other day I went to the store and saw this incredibly cute Santa stamp and just couldn't resist, I had to buy it. I stamped the image on the white piece of paper, which I cut with my Sizzix Big Shot die cut. I've only been having Sizzix for a short while, but I love it. I coloured the stamp and also the background. Then I inked the edges and glued the stamped paper on the red patterned paper. To the corners of the red paper I added gold star shaped eyelets. Then I glued the whole thing on the bright green cardstock.

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