Friday, April 30, 2010

A few words about music

I love music. I like to listen to it all the time, except when I'm reading or studying. But any other time, I say a big YES to music. Especially if it's rock or pop. Those are my favourite genres. But you could serve me pretty much everything. I'm not THAT picky. The only genres I really can't listen to (at least not more than a minute or two) are rave (it gives me headache) and jazz (it's just too depressing). But as said, my favourite is rock music (and pop). But metal, country ... is great too. ;)

Every once in a while I have this one song that I just can't get it out of my head and I want to listen to it all the time. Right now that's Michael Buble's "Everything". With such beautiful lyrics this song is perfect for daydreaming (something I really like to do :P). If you don't know it, you really should listen to it (and while you're at it, I suggest you check out his other songs too ;)). Here's the video:

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