Monday, March 8, 2010

Happy Women's Day

It's here again, March 8, International Women's Day. I wish all the women all the best on this day! I hope you all get spoiled on this special day. :) My sweetie surprised me with the best gift (that can be bought) - CHOCOLATE (I know some women prefer flowers, but I'm not a very flowery person myself, but I am a chocoholic :P)!!! :D And not just any chocolate, oh no, no, no. He bought me THE chocolate. Milka, which is my favourite. Yum, yum. And that's not all ... I got extra spoiled. I got a pack of Kinder (which shares the first place with Milka on my "the-best-chocolates" list). He he. I'm definitely going to have a very sweet day today. Mmmm, me likes! :D Here's the picture of what I'll be spoiling myself with this afternoon.

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  1. I'm a bit late but belated Happy Women's Day my friend. So glad to hear that Uros spoiled you. You deserve it. I love those Kinder chocolates and I *think* you sent me some of that milka chocolate? Can't quite remember the name but it was lovely all the same ;) Hope you enjoyed it all ha ha.


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