Saturday, January 28, 2012

Paper flower tutorial

Hi everybody! Today I made my very first video tutorial - I made a tutorial on how to make these paper flowers using the TH Tattered florals die.

I was SO nervous. Gosh! I hope you will like it. Sorry if I made any mistakes and for my accent. English isn't my first language as you could probably guess. lol So, here's the video ...

I decided to also do a step by step tutorial (with pictures) here on my blog. So, here we go ...

What you need:
- TH Tattered floral die,
- glue,
- a stick or something like this (I used a bbq stick),
- a button or pearl or brad or something similar for the center of your flower,
- paper.

You will need 2 of the biggest flowers, two of the smallest flowers and 2 of the middle size flowers (the 6 petals ones).

Take one big flower and roll each side of the petal towards the center so you'll get sort of a pointed look.


Do this with all the petals on both big flowers and both medium size flowers.

Now take the smallest flower and fold each petal on half. Do this with all the petals on both small flowers.

Now take the two biggest flowers, put some glue on the back of one of them and place that one on top of the other.

Now take the two medium size flowers and repeat this step.

Do the same with the small flowers.

Now take the big and the meddium flowers and put some glue on the back of the medium flower. Now place the meddium flower in the center of the big one.

Now take the small flower and place it in the center of your bigger flower.

Now take a pearl, a button or something like this and glue it to the center of your flower.

And you're done. :)

I hope you like this flower and that you'll give it a try. If you do, I'd love to see it. ;)

Have a great day! Hugs!


  1. Awww your flowers are gorgeous Cebelica, thank you for sharing and taking the time to do the video.. I looved hearing you with your nice accent :) Hugs xxx

  2. Thank you for a great tutorial :-)
    English is not my first language too , I understood everything you said very clearly and understandably :-)
    This is a great thing for the novice person in scrapbooking like me :-)
    - skimmia -

  3. Thank you this was brilliant and l am sure to try them out myself they look so stunning:) Sandra H

  4. Maja, thank you for making this tutorial- I bought those dies and have not ran them through my machine not even once, so I am inspired now :) Also, I like your accent. Slavic accents are very beautiful to my ears. I am a learner of Russian language so Slavic sounds are very interesting :))) I hope you make more tutorials with this die or other interesting things!

  5. these are stunning cebelica.really beautiful and very easy to follow tutorial.thanks for sharing hun,:D

    xx coops xx

  6. Waw, lovely flowers and great tutorial. Thank you for posting.

  7. Love your flowers! Thank you so much for the video and tutorial, which was very easy to understand! You did a wonderful job! Have a great Sunday!

  8. Brilliant tutorial Cebelica, I have this die and should use it a lot more, now that I have seen this I am going to get it out and make some of these flowers, thank you so much for sharing some of your wonderful inspiration.
    Lorraine x

  9. oh this is brilliant hun!
    your flowers are lovely and you did a great job on your video!!

  10. The flowers are beautiful and I loved your video tutorial. Makes it seem so easy, Thank you.


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