Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I just wanted to share some of  the most recent things that I've created ... For larger view, click on the image. :)
Here you can see a red and white ring which is made of seed beads and glass leaf-shaped beads.

I also made this bracelet. It's made of different shaped pinkish glass beads and white seed beads.
And here's another bracelet that I made. This one is made of round shell beads, seed beads and creamy white round beads.
I also made two different necklaces. One comes in brown and gold tones and the other one comes in dark gray and white black tones.
Here's the once in brown and gold tones ...
And here's the one in dark gray and black tones ...
For the side part and the clasp I got idea here, but the middle part is my own creation. Here is the closer look on the middle part ...

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