Saturday, March 13, 2010

Time for another post

I can barely recognize my table - it's almost empty, no pieces of paper anywhere, no beads etc. Looks unfamiliar, even a bit boring I might say. It took me the whole morning (literally) yesterday to clean all that mess, but I wonder how long will this tidiness last. Knowing me, not very long. Especially since I've been thinking about another jewelry project already. Plus, as you know, Easter is coming and I could do some Easter cards too... ;) 

Anyways, here are some things that I made in the last couple of days...

I've had these moon pendants for a while, but never really knew what to do with them - earrings or bracelet. Finally I decided to make earrings out of them. They are pretty big, but I like big earrings, so that's fine with me. :)

This bracelet was made for a very nice lady. She likes brown-blue combination and she likes handmade things, so I made this bracelet for her. :)

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  1. I love having a clean room to work in :) Good on you for getting it all tidied up :)

    Maja, these earrings and bracelet are my two favourite pieces so far. There's something about them ... they just speak to me (if that makes any sense.) They are adorable. Wonderful work my friend.

    I've gone and done something without asking you first (as I know I should have.) I wrote a post about your blog on my blog and put up pictures of these earrings and bracelet and a link to your site. I was just so taken with them and wanted others to see them too. Honestly, I should have asked your permission and I'm so sorry I didn't do that first. I get carried away sometimes. Please let me know if you are not happy with this and I will remove the images (and if you want the post removed as well, I'll do that also.) I'm really sorry hun. I need to start thinking before doing stuff LOL
    Love and hugs
    xxx Lynn


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